Friday, October 1, 2010

What a week! Let the games begin...

Well let me just say that all in all it was a great week. I had a wonderful appointment on Tuesday, learning how to inject myself. I met with the lady that does my monitoring appointments. She was so very helpful, and willing to answer any questions I had. Found out what I should do regarding exercise, my abnormal papsmear that needed to be scheduled, and how the monitoring appointments work. Anytime I get some answers to questions about this process it is a great thing.

Today, I had my papsmear. For those that don't know, I had an abnormal pap in Feb. and had to do a colposcopy with a biopsy. Luckily, it did not go any further into other procedures such as a LEEP, which I'm all too familiar with, just instructions to follow up in 6 months. So that was me today. It was great to see my midwife. She is just an absolute doll. She never rushes me, takes time to listen, and was truly interested to hear what we've been doing since I last saw her regarding our journey to have a family. She told me three times that she was sending prayers of pregnancy for me. I truly am lucky to connect so well with the medical professionals in my life.

So tonight, was my first injection of Lupron. I have to do the injections myself because Mr. W is askeeered of needles! LOL Anyway, I got soooo nervous about doing it right before I had to. I just stood there thinking "I don't wanna!!" But, I finally sucked it up and pushed that needle in. It didn't hurt!!! Now, however, its red, stinging and swelled up like I have a mosquito bite but seriously y'all I feel so much better getting that first shot out of the way. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!


  1. You CAN do this!! I'm beyond excited for you, and can't wait to hear the next update. *hugs* GO TWINS!!

  2. NotBlondeHusband has a major needle phobia as well. He stood in the corner with his back turned to me at any appt. I had to give blood. I can't even talk about getting a bruise or taking a bandaid off b/c he gets pukey!

    Good luck you can totally do this! Rock those track marks proudly like La Winehouse :)

  3. You got this! So effin excited for you guys! If I lived closer I'd come stick ya so you didn't have to do it to yourself! ;)


  4. YES! You can do this! I'm so filled with optimism for you that I'm bursting at the seams. Katelyn needs an e-buddy...soon!