Thursday, October 7, 2010

::Throws out bcp::

Last one taken today!! WOOT WOOT!! I was about as excited to throw them away and be done with them this time, as I was, way back when in May of 2008. Back when I was naive enough to think we were two young, healthy, fertile people who would be making a baby in no time. No, not us. The universe has other plans for us. They wanted us to learn some life lessons first. I truly believe that we had to learn just a bit more patience, and a bit more appreciation for each other first. I believe all these life lessons will allow us to be better parents. We will be appreciating all the little things that are taken for granted far too often. That's ok though. We all have different roads taken and different paths in our journey. They shape us and form us into the individuals, partners, parents, friends, family that we are supposed to be. I know I have grown immensely in this past year and a half, as I've seen Mr. W change and grow as well. It actually makes me smile most days. All for a better cause, all for the family we're meant to have.

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  1. Yes, you are meant to have this family. :) Yay to no BCP!!!