Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My friend started this idea and I must say I happen to love it. She has a fabulous blog, please check her out!

So, here I go.

I believe....

that my e-friends are some of the most amazing, inspiring, and supportive women and my life has changed for the better just getting to know all of them.

that I need to meet more of my e-friends.

that every bruise, bleed, and needle stick will be worth it.

that Dunkin Donuts is the best coffee ever.

that animals have the most amazing way of turning your frown upside down when you need it most.

that is perfectly acceptable that I have eaten most of my weight watchers points, only in the form of cookies  and its only 2pm.                                    


  1. The Weight Watchers one totally cracked me up. And I agree...e-friends are fab.

  2. Yay e-friends and cookies, two of my favorite things too!