Monday, October 11, 2010

Baseline appointment update

WOOT! It all looks good so far!! Waiting on the b/w and my instructions, however the u/s was great! Lining looks good and for a follie count, we have 6 on the right and "at least" 4 on the left. I will take it! Next appointment is Friday.

Can I just say I am so flippin excited!? Really, bring it on because I am ready to get pregnant!!

UPDATE! Got the call and we start stimming tonight!! I also start a couple other pills and take my antibiotic tonight as well as Mr. W. Its a one time, mix the liquid and powder together and down it shot. Looks like it will be his and hers antibiotic shots together tonight!


  1. ::does a happy dance all over this post::

    Come on baby W!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, I am so happy for you! I got your text and was glad that you're finally getting good news!

  3. I'm starting reading your blog from the beginning. I'm in the stage of just starting lupron (been on BCP equivalent for about a week or so).