Thursday, October 28, 2010

It is that time again....

.....that my embies are the most beautiful and fascinating thing I have ever seen
.... that my blackberry is dying a miserable death, meaning its making me miserable, and Verizon sucks for not letting me upgrade earlier than Dec.
....that constipation is one of the worst feelings ever
.....People will always continue to amaze and surprise me every day, some not in a great way good luck charms
....that Halloween is my least favorite holiday
....every women should treat herself to a massage when she really needs it

.....that I happen to have the best furbabies ever, and celebrating their birthdays makes me giddy! Happy 4th Birthday today Jakey!!!!(the poopy in black)


  1. Those are the prettiest embies I have ever seen!

  2. Those embies are absolutely beautiful :) Happy Birthday, Jakey!!