Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Updates, updates and more updates!

Does anyone even read these? I'm kidding, I know I have some eager readers. Anyway, things went very well today! Blood work looks good! My ute lining is up from 3something to start to now 12something! I knew choking down that pomegranate juice would be helpful. Or maybe it wasn't at all but that's what I keep telling myself so that the upset stomach its giving me isn't for naught.

Right now we're up to at least 10 follicles in the lead, largest being 16 mm. There are several smaller ones that may or may not catch up as well. I go in Friday for another update, and definitely ER date, but its looking like Monday. Hey guys I'm getting KU next week!!! WOOT!!


  1. Super excited about this update!! :) :)

  2. This post makes me smile! :) Just in case you were wonderin'...