Thursday, October 21, 2010

I believe...


..... that pomegranate juice is best served as a martini with a splash of lime
..... that heart surgery is scary shit but its going to turn out just perfect
......that my day is complete when I make another person laugh or smile the 4 Bs. My Bruised, Bloated, Buddha  Belly is grossing me out right now but it will all be worth it

.....that I am brave, but not that brave. No side views here but trust me, I look 4 months pregnant
.....that family means everything
.....its ok to go to work with your pants unbuttoned and elastic waistbands are severely underrated
.....that I'm getting KU next week


  1. Well said! I'm on pins and needles for next week (and 12 days later)! :)

  2. you're sooooo getting ku next week :)