Friday, December 10, 2010

So far, so good.

Had my first follie check today. I am on day 6 of stims. I have about 5-10 prominent ones. I hope the left ovary picks it up a little bit because the right ovary is kickin butt. I still have the 2 cysts, however they haven't grown at all which is good. I certainly hope things continue to progress!

As far as my sanity, that is another story. I'm doing ok, but this second cycle is a lot harder emotionally. Harder to stay positive, harder to stay hopeful. Harder to see that this cycle CAN turn out differently than the last. I am taking a big step towards changing my attitude and leveling my stress levels. I'm going to start acupuncture! It is highly recommended at different parts of the cycle. It is been noted to help follicle development if administered while stimming, before the ER is recommended to help recovery, before and after the transfer to aid in calming the uterus and making it a more ideal environment for the embryos to keep growing and dividing. The last time they recommend is about 7 days following the ER to help aid in implantation. Now, I know it can't work miracles, and there are no guarantees, but I'm going to go into this with a positive outlook that it certainly can't hurt, and it can only help. If at the very least, it helps my stress level, it will be a HUGE help!

Until Sunday....


  1. My good friend got twin boys on her #2 try with IVF. =) I'm hopeful for you lady!!! Muah!!!!

  2. I would certainly be ok with that outcome :) Thanks for thinking of me! xoxo

  3. Stay positive! Without boring you with the details here, feel free to check out my blog (akl-fromheretomaternity), but I just got my first ever BFP after my 2nd ivf and 5th total transfer. I also tried acupuncture this cycle and will continue going for a while. Things can change and miracles do happen.

  4. Hope is still alive. :) Love you!