Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I told another person today

This whole process has been hard for both Mr. W and I. Physically it is very manageable and I can truly say it could be a lot worse. Emotionally is another story. It is hard to wonder who we should tell, who we don't want to know, etc. In a perfect world, we would tell all the people we love and embrace the support. However, this is not a perfect world. Some people can't keep comments to themselves, some people are ignorant to some things in this world, I'm sure that is no revelation. See the youtube video below if you're truly confused as to why I would say that. The first time through this cycle, we kept to ourselves, told very few people, we just wanted to deal with this in our own way. This time through, we have told more people. There will be some people we will never tell, but that is the way it is sometimes. We have found it is a comfort level and we go along as we feel comfortable. There is less stress and anxiety that way.

I told one of my best friends today and damn it feels good to finally be able to talk to her about it. She has never been through anything IF related, however, she's an awesome friend and supports me no matter what. I just had kept to myself  for these past few months, not wanting to lie, not wanting to be awkward, and I feel awful about that. I know she understands though. I am not only lucky to have such great e-friends, I'm truly blessed to have friends right here, that I can drive less than 2 minutes to go have coffee in my pajamas with, that are supportive and trustworthy and awesome. I love you N.

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