Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let the games begin!

Yes I know its been a while, and my lovely bestie Christina totally called me out on my lack of updates. Sorry babe! Anyway, I haven't had much to say, other than we were waiting for the chance to start cycling again. The bcp and lupron phase went ok. No real headaches or nausea from the bcp this time which is great.

I almost hit a road block yesterday. With all of these hormones, there is a risk of cysts forming in my ovaries. This was something I have been aware of, but for some reason it wasn't even a thought in my mind yesterday. Until that is, the u/s tech said that I had two in my left ovary. Both small, but they are there. She didn't want to predict but said if my estrogen levels were low, they would probably let me start this cycle, or wait a week or if not so good test results, go back on bcp for another month. THAT would NOT have made me happy. However, all was well with my b/w and we started stimming last night!

Cue the headaches! Oh my. I am starting at a way higher dosage this time of the Gonal F, adding in another stimulating medication (Meonpur), and have the Lupron I've been taking. Luckily I can mix them together for one shot, instead of 3. That is a bonus! Next appointment is Friday, so you will definitely hear from me by then! Promise!

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