Sunday, December 12, 2010

I conquered a fear today.

Well, I not a real legitimate fear, but a thing that has always intimidated the hell out of me. Acupuncture. Boy did I rock that. So much so, I'll be back on Tuesday for another session.

So, I promised you a recap and you shall have it. All in all it was great, and I'm glad I'm doing it. Honestly I feel as though it is one more step towards starting our family. The more I can do to work towards that, the better I feel. So after a peaceful drive up, about an hour and 15 minutes, I was guided to a room.  I talked to the lady for quite a bit before we started. She explained things very thoroughly and very clearly. She then put in the needles which are so thin they would sway in the wind, and they only enter them to a certain point, so they stay very superficial. I had them in my ankle, lower leg, hand, forearm, stomach, shoulder where it meets my neck, and head. I only felt a couple of them go in. And anything I felt, lasted for a second.

So after that part which really was less than 5 minutes, I laid there, listening to the music, sending positive energy and thoughts to my uterus and ovaries, and relaxed for about 30 minutes. I definitely felt relaxed and as though my legs were made of lead. I didn't want to move, and certainly didn't feel like I could even if I wanted to. I will say I felt as relaxed as I do when I left, as I do after a massage.

Then the tears flowed. Why do you ask? Well, I went to pay, and I was told I had 6 sessions taken care of on behalf of "[A wonderful lady whose name will be anonymous] from Ohio." The lady at the desk told me that there was an email accompanying it and I almost fell on the ground in shock. There were 2 other ladies there that looked at me in shock as well when they heard what the lady had told me. They told me I must have some people that really love me and are behind me. Well, I certainly do. 

Let me explain. Once upon a time, I ventured onto a public message board. I had baby fever like you would not believe but we were not trying yet at this point. I posted to learn about my body and everything they never taught you in health class, and I posted to speak to ladies that seemed pretty farking cool. We shared jokes and laughed, shared stories and listened, shared heartache and cried together. Ladies who I have never met, but I just developed an e-friendship with them that is hard to describe and explain if you have never  been in my shoes. We took it off of the public site and kept developing our friendships, shared addresses and personal info that is a no no on the interwebz, and grew closer and closer. Some of these ladies I consider to be best friends. Some of these best friends, I have never met in person, although some of them I have been incredibly luck and fortunate to have met in person. And, let me tell you when I do meet these ladies in person, its like we've been friends forever and there is not even a hint of awkwardness, or lull in conversation, or fumbling for things to talk about. We talk pretty much daily, but there is always something. 

In these boards, I've found my own support group. Nothing that you could ever recreate by any means. These incredible ladies are behind me and supporting so much that they wanted to contribute to my journey and have purchased all the acupuncture appointments I need to make this happen. I truly hope that their generous and amazing gift to me helps achieve our miracle of starting our family. I cannot wait to celebrate that day, and cry happy tears with these ladies, who I know will be crying right along with me. 

Thank you again to you ladies who contributed, you know who you are. I am blown away, and can't stop tearing up with happy tears. I am so lucky to call you ladies friends. I love you. xoxo


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  2. Wow, what amazing and beautiful women!!!