Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy 35/35 to me!!!

However, its more like 35/30 or less. Holy crap!!! So not much new to report, however I will be able to add more and update after I see my MW tomorrow. In the mean time,  we have been very productive around here working on the nursery (no pics yet) and getting all the toys put together. Pack and play is set up, bouncer, swing, and stroller put together and car seat not installed, but read to go. Still have to get some essentials. Now for a pic and survey:

UPDATE: Saw MW today. Had some contractions on the monitor and 1cm dilated! She said its a "very favorable cervix for 35 weeks." EEEK! Anywho, he is still breech, confirmed today so nothing new there.

*How far along?: 35 weeks!

*Total weight gain: Gained .2 lbs. I think I'm just around 20 lbs total

*How big is baby?: About the size of a honeydew? I thought that was at 33 weeks. Oh well, and  about 19 inches long from head to foot, and according to the last growth scan is weighing in at 5lb 2oz.

*Sleep?: Up ever 2 hours to pee. Having more insomnia lately because I don't think I can manage to shut my brain off at night.

*How are you feeling physically?: Hip and back pain here and there. Sometimes if I overdo it I feel like I got kicked in the vag. Overall though, I'm shocked at how good I am still feeling.

*How are you feeling emotionally?: I'm a bit moody. More like zero patience or tolerance.

*Best moment this week?: Getting all of our goodies and getting them put together!

*Movement?: He is still very much a mover and a shaker!

*Food cravings?: Yes, all the sweets I cannot have. :(

*Food aversions?: None!

*Labor signs?: 1cm dilated and had some contractions during my NST!! I have felt some sharp twinges but just thought it was Mr. Bman moving weirdly.

*What I miss: Eating whatever I want, not planning every meal and snack

*What I'm looking forward to: Results from Thursday's growth scan :)


  1. I'm so happy that you reached this point.. and you look amaaaaaazing. xoxo

  2. the lack of patience/moodiness i had towards the end made teaching teenagers difficult. ;)

  3. I'm horrible at checking in on blogs, but you look amazing, lady!! :-*