Wednesday, August 3, 2011

B is for Brady, Baby Shower, and....

Breech. I guess it could also be for behind since I'm a little late on making this post. However, the fact remains, this little man is still breech and holding tight there. I had an appointment on Monday which confirmed that, and my MW doesn't seem too hopeful that he will turn. Oh well, I'm really ok with it and have definitely come to plan for a c-section at this point. I think if anything, I'll be shocked if he does turn. Nonetheless I'm still seeing the chiropractor if for nothing else to keep this body in check.

Over the weekend was my baby shower and it was a blast! We had about 45 people there, it was a warm, yet not overwhelmingly hot day, and since we served alcoholic beverages, everyone had a wonderful time! We got a lot of stuff, however still have to purchase our large items. Car seat, extra base, pack and play, stroller, crib sheets, bottles, pacifiers, changing table covers, etc. We got a lot of clothes, in a variety of sizes so that was great. We also asked for books that were personalized for Brady instead of cards so we could build a library and have keepsakes from family and friends that are in our lives. We definitely made out well! And now for the pic and survey! Excuse the condition as it is at the end of my baby shower, when I was back home, sweaty and my hair up.

*How far along?: 34 weeks!

*Total weight gain: Gained back about a pound. Not too shabby since I think he had a growth spurt.

*How big is baby?: About the size of a cantelope, about 18 inches long from head to foot, and should be weighing about 4.75 lbs. 

*Sleep?: Up ever 2 hours to pee. Having more insomnia lately because I don't think I can manage to shut my brain off at night.

*How are you feeling physically?: Hip and back pain here and there. Sometimes if I overdo it I feel like I got kicked in the vag. Overall though, I'm shocked at how good I am still feeling.

*How are you feeling emotionally?: I'm a bit moody. More like zero patience or tolerance.

*Best moment this week?: Getting a surprise scan on Monday to check his position.

*Movement?: He is still very much a mover and a shaker!

*Food cravings?: Yes, all the sweets I cannot have. :(

*Food aversions?: None!

*Labor signs?: If what I was having was BH before, I don't even think those are around anymore. I do think I'm losing very slight parts of my mucous plug.

*What I miss: Eating whatever I want, not planning every meal and snack

*What I'm looking forward to: Another growth scan on Thursday :)

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