Monday, August 29, 2011

38 weeks!

Grew again, but this time I'm not so shocked :)
And we'll do a survey I guess. I missed last week but there wasn't much to report or different so you didn't miss anything...

*How far along?: 38 weeks!

*Total weight gain: About 23lbs

*How big is baby?: As of last Thursday he is estimated to be about 7lb, 3oz.  Over 19 1/2 inches long from head to foot, about as long as a Leek.

*Sleep?: Up ever 1-2 hours to pee. I. Am. Exhausted.

*How are you feeling physically?: Starting to reach that uncomfortable in almost any way I sit stage. Laying down feels better but that doesn't work all the time. Almost there!

*How are you feeling emotionally?: Not too bitchy, but still haven't found my patience.

*Best moment this week?: Finding out how big he is, pre-registering for his big arrival next week!

*Movement?: He is still very much a mover and a shaker!

*Food cravings?: Not really craving anything, just ready to be eating what I want, when I want it, without having to worry about pricking my finger.

*Food aversions?: None!

*Labor signs?: Having some uncomfortable BH that kind of seem like practice contractions, and of course lovely lightening crotch. I swear he's going to be born holding a hot fire poker.

*What I miss: I would really love an adult beverage!

*What I'm looking forward to: Sept. 6th. Or sooner if he wants :)

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  1. eeeeekkkk! I can't believe you are 38 weeks. You are going to be having an adult beverage and a baby in your arms soooo soon. XOXO