Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who needs a gallbladder anyway?

Apparently not me. Or at least that is what it is looking like. So, I may or may not have mentioned some gallbladder attacks in the past. Or what I thought were those. Never had an issue prior to pregnancy, however now I have now had 4-5, and the last one being Monday night and after 4 -5 weeks of no issues with that or not even a smidgen of heartburn. Well, needless to say, the last one was the roughest, lasting 12 hours and prompted a call to my MW. She ordered blood work and an u/s. The u/s showed gall stones and a thickening of my gall bladder wall. Not sure of exactly what that means but it doesn't sound great.

Then she called with the blood work results. One of my enzymes was at 242, normal is 15-115, and the other was 2,339, where the normal for that is 40-250. Lovely. So she consulted an OB and their thinking is the gallbladder may need to come out now, or risk developing pancreatitis. So, they have set me up with a GI doctor tomorrow, and we will all see what he says, then follow up with my MW again on Friday. Hopefully this weekend we will have all the information to make a decision and plan. I still have a ways to go with this pregnancy!

In the mean time, I am on a very restricted diet. I hate it. I can't find much to eat, and certainly nothing of good protein value. Hopefully this is very short term!

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