Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yes, I know, Slacker Sue here

Soooo not much to update however I did fail my 1 hour GDD test. However, instead of jumping right to the 3 hour test, I am repeating the 1 hour test tomorrow in case the surgery prior to it had any affect on it. Wish me luck!

And here I am at 27w, 5d:

Yep definitely getting bigger!! And survey time...
*How far along?: 28 weeks!

*Total weight gain: 11-12 lbs total as of my last appointment

*How big is baby?: About the size of head of iceberg lettuce, about a 14.8 inches long from head to foot, and approximately 2.5lbs

*Sleep?: Wake up roughly 3 times a night to pee. Sleeping on my side only now which is not the best, but at least I'm sleeping.

*How are you feeling physically?: No more heartburn, and now, no more gallbladder issues!

*How are you feeling emotionally?: Kind of in a mood lately, but hopefully that passes.

*Best moment this week?: Feeling like I accomplished a lot in the last week!

*Movement?: Yes, increasing all of the time.

*Food cravings?: Ice cream and lots of it!

*Food aversions?: I think I can eat chicken again, soooo none!

*Labor signs?: Nope

*What I miss: The energy I had last week.

*What I'm looking forward to: Hopefully passing my GDD re-test!

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