Friday, June 3, 2011

So what a week.

The week starts out with a nice relaxing day, good food with good friends, and then WHAM! My longest and worst gallbladder attack. 12 hours of hell. A call to my midwife prompted blood work and an ultrasound. The GI doctor I saw yesterday confirmed gall stones and thickening of the gallbladder wall that indicates that I have acute cholecystitis and my blood work indicates pancreatitis. So this all means, that I get to see a surgeon on Tuesday and most likely have surgery by the end of the week or early the following week. Bye bye gallbladder!

I ended my week with a recap visit with my MW. She is just so comforting, that I am so glad I got to see her. I apparently lost a pound, although I had just eaten before my appointment. I had more blood work done yesterday to check my liver enzymes. They all came back fine except one which was on the low side, which isn't a big deal according to her. She said that the baby is fine, and not being affected by this, however if I take a turn for the worse, that may not be the case. She said during surgery, the baby will be monitored by an OB, and this is very safe. I believe her when she says that. She said that my headaches and fatigue are normal, and that I should take it easy this weekend. I can do handle that! Until Tuesday....

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  1. I am glad your midwife was able to be reassuring.