Monday, May 2, 2011

So hello there

Long time, no posts. Yes, I suck. But, we have had a lot going on, and my travel schedule has been crazy, and if I give you pictures of our little one, you'll forgive me, right!? Wellll I have had a lot of exciting things going on since I last posted. Where to start....

Official NT scan results are in, and look great! I am way above the odds for my age, and there is nothing that suggests a cause for worry so we are thrilled with that!

Movement! It is the weirdest, most fantastical thing ever. I thought I felt a few things here and there on my trip across country, however I just attributed that to a bumpy bus ride, or airplane turbulence. It wasn't until I was home, a few days later, around 17 weeks and a few days, I was in bed starting to fall asleep. All of a sudden. THUMP. There was no mistaken this little one was making its presence known. I continue to feel more and more movement each day and absolutely love it!

Two weeks later, we had the big anatomy scan. Great news, we got the money shot!
That's right! IT IS A BOY!!!!!! It was awesome to see Mr. W grinning from ear to ear and to hear him say "I knew it!" even though he really didn't know it, he was just hoping. I was so shocked I almost fell off of the table. I was totally expecting a girl. For so many reasons. So, here are some more pictures of Mr. Brady Easton!!
So we have the money shots, the head and body shots, a foot with itty bitty toes, and of course our upside down boy. That's a long, skinny leg you see with the torso on the right. He also has quite the personality already. He doesn't like to stay still for measurements and when the tech measured his head, he shook his head no! What a little character already!

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  1. Omg this post has me all teary! What great shots! And how wonderful that you got to feel him kick!