Monday, May 2, 2011

Survey time since its been forever!

*How far along?: 21 Weeks (From last Friday)

*Total weight gain: 10 lbs according to my scale, less according to the MW

*How big is baby?: The size of a banana. Was a cantelope last week, so this seems backwards to me.

*Sleep?: Wake up roughly 3 times a night to pee. Sleeping on my side only now which is not the best, but at least I'm sleeping.

*How are you feeling physically?: Well, heartburn kind of kicks my ass, and I'm having some gall bladder issues. I am trying to alter my diet, however food aversions are not helping that. Tired from working 6 days a week and traveling, but I have 1 more month-ish left, then its smooth sailing.

*How are you feeling emotionally?: Well, I am doing better with the weight gain and constantly questioning if I'm too big, or just right. I am accepting my growing belly better which is the way it should be. I am overall happy and excited. I don't want to rush this pregnancy but I can't wait to meet my little boy!!!

*Best moment this week?: Feeling more and more movement

*Movement?: Yes, increasing all of the time.

*Food cravings?: I just want carbs and italian food which is counter productive to the heart burn.

*Food aversions?: Chicken. Some meats but only if they are in things. The thought of a juicy burger does not sound appealing at all.

*Labor signs?: Nope

*What I miss: A glass or three of wine. A cold beer on a sunny day. Sleeping on my stomach.

*What I'm looking forward to: To see our little boy again!! We couldn't see the facial features all that well on the anatomy scan so we're having a repeat next week.

*Random Thoughts: I can't wait to know what this little man is going to look like, who he will take after, what kind of man he'll grow up to be.

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