Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sooooo we still do not have our official NT scan results.

Why is that? Oh well just our luck, the lab sent the blood work out to a different lab that processes it differently and requires 2nd tri blood work. Of course. So, my MW didn't tell us our results, because they are not definite until that other blood work is done. I finally went today to do it, since I was out of town and all. I let a nursing student take it. I am not sure what I was thinking however, I have a soft spot for students in the medical profession and felt bad enough to let her try once. Well, it was pretty painful. It went in ok, well too good since she stuck it in too far, then the person who was mentoring her kept feeling my vein to see where the needle was while she slowly pulled it back, lather, rinse, repeat. Finally they got it where it should have been and blood started a-flowing again. Phew!

While I was there though, I looked at my chart. Apparently for Downs, we are in the 1:4000 range and for Trisomy 13 we are in the 1:10,000 range as of right now. The new blood work could change that, but with the u/s turning out well, we look to be in good shape.

Andplusalso, I saw the weight from over 4 weeks ago when I want for the original scan and blood work and had to get weighed today. Up a total of 2 pounds. ONLY 2!! WOOT!!!

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  1. Glad to hear all looks good Lyse! I am going to go catch up and read all your other posts now. I didn't realize you had a blog until you told me!