Friday, January 7, 2011

Beta #3 and first ultrasound

Well, besides the beta, it was uneventful. We did not see a sac unfortunately, but it is just too early. The tech saw something that could have been where its forming, but nothing definitive. She did say my lining was excellent and my ovaries are more than 4 times their normal size, each. That is normal apparently for an IVF patient, with what we have already gone through. She said it will take several weeks for them to shrink back down. So, we are done traveling out of town. I will be having a 6 week ultrasound next Friday morning. We should see the sacs clearly by then and possibly a heart beat. Singular, because I'm convinced it is just one baby ;)

As far as the blood work, my beta skyrocketed to 1810!! I was expecting low 1000s so that was a wonderful surprise! My tsh levels also dropped from 5.82 to 2.34 after only a couple of days of taking the synthroid. I will still remain on it for the remainder of the pregnancy, but luckily, it looks like it is working and we won't have to tinker with any dosages. So that is all!