Monday, November 15, 2010

W to the T to the F

I had my, what they call, WTF appointment today. Well, normally its a face-to-face appointment however since I'm an hour away, it was a phone consult. It went.... ok. I wasn't expecting any answers as they usually don't happen to know exactly what went wrong. However, when he comes to the phone and says "It didn't work? Huh, I'm surprised those were very good looking embryos," it does not make me feel any better about any of this. I guess I could look at it as a huge positive that Mr. and Mrs. W can make good looking embryos.

So the ehhhs:
  • He said for "someone at my age" he would expect to see more eggs produced.
  • No big changes in my protocol that would cause us to have more hope than we did last cycle
  • Last cycle failing seems to just be a case of bad luck
So the positives:
  • He doesn't not think there is any "maternal factor" keeping us from getting pg and keeping a pg although we'll do a simple blood test to double check
  • I will start out at a higher dosage than last time, and include a new medication to hopefully produce more follicles, thus eggs
  • He thinks that just a simple "tinkering with dosages" can make a big difference and get us pregnant
Soooo, for now, I am on bcp, and start one of my meds on Thanksgiving day. I will be ordering my meds this week. Wow, I was about to type this week or next but next week is already Thanksgiving!! Holy hell!! Someone grab me a paper bag. 


  1. That W.T.F is going to turn into K.T.F.U. sooooon!!!

  2. I'm with Sarah! I have everything crossed for you baby girl!!!!

  3. I'm sending you lots and lots of positive vibes!!!

  4. I'm praying super extra hard for you now. Good luck!

  5. Hang in there. You have a great attitude and hopefully this next cycle is it for you and you make a million eggs. Or like 15.