Thursday, November 4, 2010

I hate to even put this here

But I'm losing it. Not completely but if I'm not an emotional basket case right now, I don't know what else you'd call it. I was doing great until Tuesday. Monday, was a typical Monday. Went to work, all day kept positive that we only have a week left until the blood test. A week down in this 2ww, just 1 week to go. That's it!

Then Tuesday came and for some reason, I'm ready to cry at the drop of a hat. I am scared as shit of this not working. All I can think about is the upcoming holidays and my birthday and I can't fathom getting through them right now. I honestly don't know where my positive self went. I need her back! I don't like feeling this way, I really don't. I don't feel like I have any control over my thoughts or emotions. Not a great feeling. I'm trying to take the deep breathes, think of my puppies, think of things that make me happy. Works for about a minute. I need it to be Monday already. Who the hell wishes the weekend away to get to a Monday I ask? No one in their right mind.


  1. I'm sorry :(. I hope this week goes by super fast for you.

  2. Big Hugs, my dear. I'm sorry this is so rough on you right now, but remember you can do this! Moment by moment and day by day, you'll get there. ::more hugs:: You know my prayers and absolute best wishes travel with you.

  3. So so many hugs to you, hon. You'll get that positive girl back, I promise. This is some scary, big, HUGE stuff you're going through right now, and it doesn't help that you're pumped full of hormones.

    I can't wait for Monday either, when you get that wonderful result you're waiting for. So I'll wish my weekend away too, just to get there faster. *hugs*

  4. Big, huge hugs lovely. And I agree with the other ladies- completely normal to scared when hopped up on hormones and when you want something so so badly. We are all here for you, and sending you strength and love.