Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just checking in

I had a MW appointment on Monday which went well. We mainly were looking forward to the NT scan results, but apparently the lab did something they don't normally do and sent it out to a different lab that requires another blood draw in the 2nd tri. So I have to get there when I get back from my 10 day spring break/work trip before 17 weeks. Mr. W and I looked at each other like seriously, only us! Other than that, my blood pressure was good, weight gain was good (which I think was only a pound or two) and my urine was good, not showing protein or sugar. Man can I say how small those little dixie cups were they gave me to pee in? Oh man! Even Mr. W was noticing how small. Us women cannot aim like those boys!

So, the best part of the appointment, was hearing the heart beat again. Such a wonderful sound, and nice and strong around 150. We also got the order to schedule our anatomy scan! She asked us to wait until 19 or 20 weeks and honestly, even though they can see everything usually starting around 16 weeks, we wanted to wait as well. I scheduled it today, for the 18th of April!! Less than 5 weeks away and when I return from my long trip it will be only 3 weeks to wait. We cannot wait, but just hope they can see all the goods. I should be 19 weeks and a few days. Did I mention how excited we are???

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  1. Things are moving right along for you and baby W. I'm excited for you.