Sunday, July 17, 2011

What a week. A rough week.

I am now 32 weeks and wish I could say that all is great, but unfortunately, it could be better. First things first, as of right now Brady still appears to be 100% healthy and that is the MOST important part of all of this. I will do whatever I have to or go through whatever they throw at me, as long as that is the outcome. On Monday, I was officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GD). I cried. I cried a lot. My poor MW probably didn't know what to do. In a way, I just had a feeling, but at the same time it was a a blow. There was another blow to take that appointment too. Some may shrug and say so what or who cares? Some will get it and sympathize. I gained 9 lbs. IN A MONTH. Are you freaking kidding me? Ugh first that, then the GD diagnosis. Not the best way to feel great about yourself. Soooo what does this new diagnosis mean?

1) I am now slapped with the label of a high risk pregnancy.

2) Frequent monitoring in the form of u/s right now. First one is tomorrow, the 18th. I am looking forward to this as we get to see our little Brady Bug and see how big he is!

3) I will now not go past 39 weeks, perhaps a few days, but no way will we see my beloved due date of 9/10/11. No fun birthday for you little boy! Silly, I know, but it was fun to hope :)

4) GD will (hopefully) be controlled by a strict diet, by checking my blood glucose levels 4 times daily. Fasting, and after each meal. If it cannot be controlled with diet and I need to start taking insulin, I can no longer stay under the care of my MW. Ummm cue more tears.

So where is the good news? Well, first, I will say that it could be worse. It could be A LOT worse. My BP is great, I'm measuring on track so far, urine is looking good, and like I said before, all signs point to a healthy baby which is all we ask for. She does think he turned back to head down, and we shall confirm that on Monday.

On Thursday, I will see a specialist, who will counsel me in using the monitor and diet changes. I hate to say it but I think I'm way ahead of her! I started a food log the very next day after finding out my diagnosis. I researched online, talked to some of my ladies from my mom's board, and used the booklet from my MW. I ordered my testing supplies and received that Wednesday so took my first reading, after dinner. It was right on track. Since then I've been checking my blood 4 times a day, and all numbers look great so far. This is great! I know it gets harder to control your numbers the later you get into pregnancy and the bigger the baby gets, but so far, so good.

And now to the picture and survey....
*How far along?: 32 weeks!

*Total weight gain: 20 lbs so far, however with the GD diet, my MW seems to think I will not gain much more. ::Fingers crossed::

*How big is baby?: About the size of a jicama, over 16.7 inches long from head to foot, and approximately 3.75lbs. Apparently getting ready for a growth spurt!

*Sleep?: Still wake up every 2-3 hours to pee. I find though that it is quite painful if I happen to sleep more than that.

*How are you feeling physically?: Last couple of days I feel like I just did a workout of squats and lunges. My hips, butt, and back are sore, but that just means I move a little slower these days. Someone told me I have an adorable waddle going. Ummm no, waddling is not adorable! LOL I'm in denial ;)

*How are you feeling emotionally?: The week started out ROUGH. Lots of tears and guilt and feeling sorry for myself. I feel like I am in better spirits now that I'm rocking these numbers! Oh, and a brief moment of sadness yesterday when I discovered my first NEW pg-related stretch marks. ::sigh::

*Best moment this week?: Figuring out that I can do this. All of it. Whatever is thrown at me.

*Movement?: He is still very much a mover and a shaker!

*Food cravings?: Yes, all the sweets I cannot have. :(

*Food aversions?: None!

*Labor signs?: None besides BH.

*What I miss: Eating whatever I want, not planning every meal and snack

*What I'm looking forward to: Ultrasound on Monday, finding out if he is still head down and get to see how big he is and maybe even some more 3D pics of his face!

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