Saturday, February 19, 2011

Updates, updates.

They are all good! First, and my bad for not posting about this sooner. I had my first appointment with my MW. She is awesome, but I knew that prior to this appointment. She was great to talk with, answered all of my questions, and did the most gentle exam possible. I had the whole shebang. Yuck. Oh well though, right? We scheduled the NT scan for next Monday, the 28th, so thankfully we will be seeing our little babe soon!! It feels like its been forever!!

Second update, a good friend of mine sent us a doppler. There are a few that are passed around the pregnant ladies on the message board I'm on. Think sisterhood of the traveling pants.... just a doppler. Anyway, I started trying at 10 weeks, and tried for a minute or two every other day. Yesterday I swore I heard a little hb galloping sound. It was literally a few seconds and then gone. Apparently our baby thinks its the gingerbread man. Today however, was a different story. Mr. W listened with me for the first time, and there it was! We listened for a few minutes and it ranged from 150-160. What a beautiful sound!! Honestly, this was awesome and a relief at the same time. We have started coming out of the pregnancy closet this weekend so it was very reassuring to hear. Life is certainly good!

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