Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good deeds

The thing about these, is that they are win-win. You do something nice for someone, that helps them or makes them happy, and then you feel good yourself. Can't beat that feeling. Yeah, so I gave a guy a nickel at the post office. Felt nice doing it. But I've never felt so good as I did today.

I had some left over drugs from my first and second IVF cycle. That's about two thousand in meds. Anyone I know doing IVF had some coverage, meds were covered or they weren't using the same med. Well, FINALLY, I was able to help someone out. They are someone I've know from the bump for over a year, and I have followed her journey as well as she has followed mine. We've cheered each other on, gave words of comfort and sympathy with losses. She is beginning her first cycle of IVF. She does not have any insurance company. I finally could help someone out and save them a couple thousand, which isn't much compared to how much they have to shell out for everything else, but its a help. I just got back from the post office and my heart is soaring. I can't wait to cheer this lady on and celebrate her success with her!!!


  1. You are awesome! This is why I love you so, girlie!

  2. What an awesome deed that is... can you imagine how you're going to feel when your friend gets PG thanks to you and your meds?!! How freaking cool is that! I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers! :)