Sunday, December 4, 2011

Soooo its about that time

Holiday cards time! I am excited to design and pick out our Christmas card this year. For so many reasons of course, but most of all because this year we have a new member of the family! It will be nice to include a baby instead of just our furbabies. I mean they are cute and photograph well, however not everyone can appreciate how important pets can be to a family, and how they were our children before we had Bman and now we feel like we have three babies. I am anxious to show off our new family, but the only problem is, how will I decide? So many designs to choose from.

We can keep it traditional and stick with some great Christmas cards or we can stay more basic and politically correct and just send greeting cards to cover all of our recipients. One thing is for sure, we will be definitely sticking with the photo cards. In case you haven't noticed, I keep sending you to the Shutterfly site. I had photo cards made last year for the holidays and they came out GREAT! The quality was great. Definitely not flimsy whatsoever so I had no qualms about mailing them out and having them arrive in good condition. Not to mention, they have a style and size to fit any family's style. I mean what better way to show off our family!

I could stay and write about Shutterfly and their products all day, but basically, you just need to go there and check it out yourself. I am on my way there now to design our Christmas card. I am actually going to get them out early enough for the recipients to get them BEFORE Christmas this year!

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